Features and Options

Model ASPSS Standard Features:

• Universal AutoDual Control for two, three or four compressors.  Timed-out-to-stop automatic dual control, field adjustable, for one minute to 30 minutes idle period to stop.  Switch selectable for start/stop control.

• Selection of either start/stop control or automatic dual control depending on plant load requirements.  True hands-off operation for max efficiency operation of the multiple compressor system. 

• Fully unloaded soft starts, field selectable from 1-20 seconds

• Hour Meters with compressor loaded indicator lights

• Power On/Off Switches

• Pressure Transducer Pressure Control.  Adjustable differential.  Range: (A) 15-150psi; (B) 30-300psi; (C) 200-1500psi.  Accuracy +/-0.5%.

• Automatic Lead-Lag Switching - Cycles 2, 3 or 4 compressor/vacuum pump systems to equally share plant air requirements. Alternates Lead Compressor function between compressors on the clock. Delay is field adjustable between 10min - 7 Days.  Lag compressor starts on pressure deterioration due to high air demand and idles to stop when satisfied.  Includes manual override to “lock” any compressor in lead mode.

• Emergency shutdown for each compressor.  Adapts to LOP, LOL or HAT. 

• Remote Signal for Emergency Shutdown - Sends remote shutdown signal (24VDC 40ma) to control oom console, low voltage relay, etc.

• Includes I.E.C. Starter/Overloads for each compressor for 3/50/60/200/208/460/575 VAC.

• Maximum hp each starter/overload 60hp, 460v.

• 50 VA CVT included if required.

• NEMA 4 Option available.  NEMA 12 standard.

• Approximate Enclosure Sizes:  ASPSS-2: 17” x 15” x 9”; ASPSS-3 and ASPSS-4:  21” x 21” x 9”


• Pressure Transducers for High Pressure Applications - (1) Medium Pressure from 150 to 300 psi.  (2) High Pressure to 1500 psi

• Timed Tank Drain - Blows the electric solenoid for 5, 10 or 20 seconds for every hour of COMPRESSOR  PUMPING TIME.  Includes front panel mounted manual test button. Drain option supplied with 6' Power Cord & DIN connect ¼” NPT 115V solenoid.   Per compressor.

• Low Oil Pressure (LOP) Shutdown Switch - Used with Emergency Shutdown above. Activates Shutdown signal if oil pressure drops below 10 PSI.  Per compressor.

• Daytimer – Programmable timer for two compressors to shut down the machines selectively nights or weekends. 

• Voltage Conditioner – Automatic voltage regulation automatically steps up low voltage and steps down high voltage;  lightning and surge protection to prevent damage to your equipment from power surges and spikes; resettable circuit breaker for easy recovery from overloads (no need to replace a fuse).  Protects logic board only. 

• NEMA 4 Switches and Enclosure 


Maximum air compressor efficiency with universal autoduals!