About Us

Standard Pneumatic Products, Inc. began life in 1998 with our original product, the basic AutoDual Model AD single compressor high efficiency controller.

Our goal was to develop a line of production High Efficiency controllers with standard features that was affordable for the small compressor user, as well as the larger more sophisticated buyer.  We also wanted to offer a controller that gave more features than any manufacturers' controllers with more user flexibility, easier to install, and at a way lower price.

Right from the beginning we were in business selling to the broad network of Air Compressor distributors across the USA and then into the world market. 

The AD was granted a patent (# 6,068,447) in year 2000.  

Our customers led the way with their requests for additional features, which gave life to the ADS (AD with starter), the ADSE (the AD for multiple compressors), and then our largest controller, the ASPSS (with starters and up to 4 compressors). Then customers wanted a lead/lag controller only and that gave birth to the AS-2, our most popular controller for automatic lead/lag of almost any compressor.

We build controllers for many of the largest compressor manufacturers, various OEMs, air compressor distributors and users world wide. 

We have over 80 years of experience in the compressed air industry, bringing our wealth of knowledge to the development and application of all of our High Efficiency products.

We welcome your inquiries and trust that we can match your specific application to the best controller for your needs!

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