AS-2 Universal AutoSync


The AS-2 Universal AutoSync controller is designed to work with any two rotary or reciprocating compressors with powered pressure switches currently controlling the starter coils. When properly installed, the AS-2 will operate both compressors in either manual or automatic lead/lag control and provide efficient operation and lead/lag cycling of both compressors. Automatic Lead/Lag Control is field adjustable to “alternate” lead machines anywhere from a 10 min to 7 day swap cycle. 


The AS-2 is connected between the compressor pressure switches and the compressor starter coil. 110v is required to operate the internal relay, automatic timer, and the pressure switch and starter coil. The starter must have a 110v or 230v coil regardless of main input power. Enclosure is 6” x 6” x 4”, NEMA 12.

Option:  5-second totally unloaded soft starts for 2 recip compressors

NOTE:  The AS-2 only works with start/stop control and cannot be used on air compressors that have automatic dual control and the 6 minute time-out-to-stop control, in which case you would use an AS2PT.  Here's why!

Using the As-2 vs. the AS2PT