•  Universal Autodual Control for two, three or four compressors. 
  • Automatic Dual Control - Timed-out-to-stop automatic dual control, field adjustable, for one minute to 30 minutes idle period to stop.  Switch selectable for start/stop control. 
  • Start/stop control or automatic dual control depending on plant load requirements.  True hands-off operation for max efficiency operation of the multiple compressor system. 
  • Fully unloaded soft starts, field selectable from 1-20 seconds
  • Hour Meters with compressor loaded indicator lights
  • Power On/Off Switches
  • Pressure Transducer Pressure Control.  Adjustable differential.  Range: (A) 15-150psi; (B) 30-300psi; (C) 200-1500psi.  Accuracy +/-0.5%.
  • Automatic Lead-Lag Switching - Cycles 2, 3 or 4 compressor/vacuum systems to equally share plant air requirements. Alternates Lead Compressor function between compressors on the clock. Delay is field adjustable between 10min - 7 Days.  Lag compressor starts on pressure deterioration due to high air demand and idles to stop when satisfied.  Includes manual override to “lock” any compressor in lead mode.
  • Emergency shutdown for each compressor.  Adapts to LOP, LOL or HAT. 
  • Remote Signal for Emergency Shutdown - Sends remote shutdown signal (24VDC 40ma) to control room console, low voltage relay, etc.
  • Power required 115v.  Existing starters require 115v coils.
  • NEMA 4 Option available.  NEMA 12 standard.
  • Approximate Enclosure Sizes: ADSE-2: 12” x 12” x 6”; ADSE-3 & ADSE-4: 17” x 15” x 9”


  • Timed Tank Drain 
  • Emergency Shutdown for low oil pressure, low oil level or high air temperature
  • Low Oil Pressure Shutdown Switch
  • Remote Signal for Emergency Shutdown
  • NEMA 4 Enclosure (NEMA 12 is standard)
  • Daytimer - Programmable timer to shut down machine selectively nights or weekends.  Requires a 12 x 12 enclosure.

Installation Instructions

ADSE Installation Manual (pdf)