The AS2PT AutoSync with Pressure Transducer Control is designed to work with any two rotary or reciprocating compressors replacing the pressure switches currently controlling the starter coils. The AS2PT will operate both compressors in either manual or automatic lead/lag control and provide efficient operation and lead/lag cycling of both compressors. Automatic Lead/Lag Control is field adjustable to “alternate” lead machines anywhere from a 10 min to 7 day swap cycle.

The Pressure Transducer supplied with the AS2PT Controller overrides and replaces the two mechanical pressure switches and supplies highly accurate pressure control to the system.

Option:  The AS2PT Controller can be supplied with starters.  Inquire direct at SPP.

The AS2PT is supplied with a terminal block to connect the 115v on/off signal to the individual compressor starter coils.

1. Power in to the controller – 115v
2. 115v signal power to Comp1 and Comp 2 starter coils
3. Air signal from receiver to the controller

Enclosure size is 12” x 12” x 6”,  NEMA 12.


The AS2PT does the job of complete control for two GAST pump systems. The AS2PT controller includes two starters, accurate pressure control with Pressure Transducers and Automatic Lead/Lag control every 24 hours resulting in balanced operating loads for the two Gast pumps. In the event that the lead compressor cannot handle the plant capacity, the lag pump will automatically come on line to pick up any excess load requirements. When the requirements have been satisfied, the lag compressor will shut itself off.

Installation Instructions Download

AS2PT Installation Instructions (pdf)