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Installation Photos: (This takes a little time, be patient)

AS-2 Controller with the TUSS (Totally Unloaded Soft Start) Feature Installed

Two Atlas Copco AR series 4 cylinder, 2 stage recips sold by NAPA. The customer required automatic lead/lag control. Since the Atlas Copco AR series does not have a compressor mounted automatic start-up unloading device they use the FORM X type pressure switch which exhausts the compressed air in the discharge line when the compressor stops. However, the pressure switch unloading device must be eliminated when using the AS-2 Universal AutoSync controller and our 5 second Automatic loadless start system substituted for unloaded starts. The picture illustrates how the single solenoid valve is piped into the interstage coolers to unload both cylinder banks. The AS-2 controller is wired to the 1/4" solenoid valve and supplies the logic to open the valve for 5 seconds on each start up for loadless start.

Model ASPSS Controller with Starters and Mounted Emergency Shutdown Switch

The ASPSS Controller brings totally unloaded soft starts, automatic dual control, pressure transducer pressure control, and two starters with automatic lead/lag control on duplex Champion 20hp recips.

Model AS2PT

The AS2PT does the job of complete control for two GAST pump systems. The AS2PT controller includes two starters, accurate pressure control with Pressure Transducers and Automatic Lead/Lag control every 24 hours resulting in balanced operating loads for the two Gast pumps. In the event that the lead compressor cannot handle the plant capacity, the lag pump will automatically come on line to pick up any excess load requirements. When the requirements have been satisfied, the lag compressor will shut itself off.



The AS-2 Universal AutoSync automatic lead/lag controller installed on the Atlas Copco duplex small rotary compressor package supplies automatic lead/lag control for the two compressor system.  Systems built by HB Compression, Conroe, TX.


The AS-2 Universal AutoSync installed by Mesa Equipment in New Mexico to lead/lag 2 Quincy  rotary compressors.


ADSE-115 Controller at Natural Gas Station in PA

The ADSE-115 controller is installed in an existing natural gas plant's unattended compressor building. Installed by the C.H. Reed Co., this ADSE is controlling two Curtis 98 base-mounted compressors and theAuto Lead/Lag Control is set to switch the lead compressor every 5 hours. Automatic dual control and totally unloaded soft starts are features that were required by the customer, Enmacon Service Corp.of Johnstown, PA. Note the all stainless steel control air piping.

The absolute reliability of the Universal Autodual controller is a basic requirement for this critical installation to maintain the stability of the natural gas plant.



Universal AutoSync Controller Model AS-2
on Two New Champion R10, 7-1/2hp Compressors at multiple Mavis Tire Locations

Pressure Switch Connection


The installation is very simple:

1. One wire goes to the pressure switch;

2. Two wires go to the starter coil on each compressor;

3. Set up -- Designate compressor 1 and compressor 2. Set the pressure on compressor 2 to at least 10 psi lower than compressor 1. That was accomplished by turning the pressure switch adjustment screw 3/4 of a turn counter clockwise on compressor 1.

The AutoSync features that are important to Mavis include:

1. True lead/lag control that alternates the two compressors on the clock, which for Mavis was one hour.

In the event that the lead compressor cannot hold the plant load and the system pressure falls to the "start" pressure of the lag compressor, the lag compressor will start and assist the lead compressor in meeting the increased air demand. The AutoSync brings true lead/lag control to the operating system and makes both compressors available for use automatically.

One common problem with the standard alternator is a system where the operating air compressor is barely meeting the plant demand and NEVER gets to its shutoff pressure. The result of that is the continuous running of one machine that compromises the motor, starter and compressor integrity and puts the compressor manufacturer in warranty jeopardy. Since we FORCE the alternation, this situation will never happen with the AutoSync.

2. Hour meters. No company has hour meters (or true lead/lag control) available for their standard recips. The two hour meters allow the customer to balance the load on both machines and is a sure method of indicating maintenance periods.


Universal AutoSync

The Universal Autosync has applications beyond the standard air compressor lead/lag functions. Shown is an installation of the AutoSync integrated into the controls of a two stage water chiller. The AutoSync effectively lead/lags the two water chillers based on chrono time and allows the lag cooler to be accessed automatically if the load duty requires its operation. This is installed at a National Fish Hatchery in Idaho.


Operating three 25hp I-R Type 30 compressors, the ASPSS-3 controller supplies high efficiency operation bringing the following exclusive features to the operation of the compressors:
1. Totally unloaded soft starts-5 second duration
2. Automatic Dual control (timed out to stop) for each compressor
3. Pressure transducer pressure control
4. Automatic lead/lag control for the three compressors
5. Auto tank drains
6. Low oil level shutdown protection for each compressor

The Universal Autodual Model ASPSS  for Duplex Systems-- 
The perfect match for high efficiency and precision control of 
GAST and THOMAS Compressor and Vacuum Pumps Systems
(All controls are pre-wired and piped in a single NEMA 1 enclosure.)

Installed on Gast Pumps

MODEL ASPSS Standard Features:

 - Microprocessor control with display

 - Universal Autodual Control for two compressors. Timed-
    out-to-stop automatic dual control, field adjustable, for 
    one minute to 30 minutes idle period to stop. Auto Smart 
- Fully unloaded soft starts, field selectable from 1-20

 - Dual Hour Meters with compressor loaded indicator lites

 - Dual Power On/Off Switches

 - Pressure Transducer Pressure Control. Adjustable
    differential. Range: (A) 15-150psi; (B) 30-300psi; 
    (C) Vacuum. Accuracy +/-0.5%.

 - True Lead/Lag Alternating Control. Alternates lead
    position on the clock. Field settable from 10 minutes to
    7 days alternation period. Lag compressor starts on
    pressure deterioration due to high air demand and idles
    to stop when satisfied.
- Timed Tank Drain. Field settable for blow duration and
 - Emergency shutdown for each compressor. Adapts to
     LOP, LOL or HAT.
 - Two IEC Starter/Overloads. HP max 60hp, 460v
 - 3/50/60/208/460/575v

Atmospheric Unloaders -- facilitate High
Efficiency Automatic Dual Control,
avoiding excessive start/stop operation

ADSE Dual Compressor Controller on New Gardner Denver 10hp Duplex 
         -- Pressure Transducer Pressure Control - +/- 0.5 psi Accuracy --
 Options include LOL Emergency Shutdown, Auto Drain and Atmospheric Unloaders for Totally Unloaded Starts and
 Auto Dual Control.    Installed by Air Compressor Supply of Oklahoma City, OK
ASPSS Microprocessor Controller on 25hp Champion Duplex 
-- Pressure Transducer Pressure Control -- +/- 0.5 psi Accuracy --
Located at the Port of New York/New Jersey Authority 
Maintenance Building at JFK International

Includes Unloaded Starts, Automatic Dual Control, Auto Lead/Lag Control, 
LOP Emergency Shutdown System with Remote Send-Out, and 
Auto Tank Drain System. 
Sold by Wood Brothers Air Compressors of Hauppauge, NY.
Duplex Vacuum Pump Controller Model VASPSS
For a two 10hp pump system installed in the University of Louisville power plant. 
The VASPSS Controller includes two starters, microprocessor logic, pressure transducer, 
and automatic lead/lag switching. This VASPSS installation resulted in the lag pump 
shutting off all of the time, saving the University considerable operating costs and reducing
system pump turning time by 50%. 

Corken Booster Controlled by Universal Autodual Model ADS

Options include LOP Shutdown and Automatic Lead/Lag Control for future second booster

County of Santa Clara, San Jose, CA - Main Office Building


Problems and failures of the building climate control system with Duplex Quincy QR Series Compressors. The addition of the ADSE-115 Universal Autodual ended the problems and added the following benefits:

1. Totally unloaded stress-free starts

2. Automatic dual control for each machine with 4 minutes time out

3. True lead/lag switching

4. Low oil pressure emergency shutdown

5. Pressure Transducer pressure control for absolute accuracy.

Low Oil Pressure Shutdown
Two Pressure Transducers
Duplex Quincy QR Compressors

Universal Autodual Model ADSE-230 with Automatic Lead/Lag Control 
Controlling Two Champion 7-1/2hp Compressors 

Major tire retailer depends on his compressors to keep his systems operating. The installation of the Universal Autodual Model ADSE enhanced the efficiency and operational capability of the system by operating only the compressor needed to produce air, having the lag compressor always ready to pick up system overcapacity and sharing the lead compressor role by switching the lead machine every two hours. Before the Autodual, this system would operate the lead machine 100% of the time, avoiding the stop required alternate to the second compressor. The single compressor would never maintain system pressure high enough to operate the tire machine. The ADSE Autodual balanced the load on both compressors, supplied soft totally unloaded starts, automatic dual control, automatic true lead/lag control and a highly efficient auto tank drain system and maintained system pressure requirements.

ADSE Controller Wall Mounted --
Note atmospheric unloader lower right
Illustrates selectable time lead/lag frequency
timer (blue) and pressure transducer for 
pressure control for two compressors
Two 7-1/2 hp Champion Compressors 
Shows ADSE Controller with exiting 
pneumatic control signals (tubing) 
on right of panel

Model ADSE Lead/Lag Universal Autodual Installed at Hawaii Electric Power Plant

ADS Autodual Controllers with NEMA 4 enclosures
with Automatic Lead/Lag switching, LOP and HAT shutdowns and Auto Drains 
Installed on 2 Gardner Denver Model VPL 7F8, 
vertical 80 gallon, 7.5 hp, pressure lube compressors.  
 Installation at Twin Oaks Valley Water Treatment Plant, Escondido, CA, 
by Accurate Air Engineering, Inc., San Diego, CA            





Special ADS on Oilless Scroll Compressor

A Special ADS on an Oilless Scroll Compressor brings automatic dual control and loadless starts for an OEM manufacturing military compressed air systems.

The ADS Universal Autodual brings timed-out high eficiency operation, eliminating too many start-stops or endless idling.

Pressure control is accomplished by a Pressure Transducer with its own display, making pressure selection a simple touch pad function.

The use of this Special Autodual resulted in a manufacturing cost saving, a much simplified installation package, along with the operational enhancement of the Autodual controller.

Unloading the compressor for the soft start and autodual control is accomplished with an atmospheric unloader.

Atlas Copco L Series Compressor and Model ADS Universal Autodual with Auto Drain and Automatic Lead/Lag Control to Second Compressor



Gardner Denver 15 hp Recip and Model ADSE Universal Autodual
with Low Oil Level Emergency Shutdown with Remote Signal Feature          
Customer's 24 hour operation required all of the 15 hp 
capacity on the 1st shift, but very little on the 2nd and 
3rd shifts. The Universal Autodual automatically 
selected constant speed for the 1st shift and then 
automatically timed out and stopped the compressor 
from excess idling in the 2nd and 3rd shifts. 
 Model ADSE Nema 4 Universal Autodual Installed on an Atlas Copco Duplex System 
      Model ADSE, NEMA 4 Enclosure                 
Inside of ADSE

I-R Dual Oilless with AutoDual Automatic Lead-Lag Control

(Photo Courtesy A & M Compressor, K & N Electronics) 
Typical 2 stage (Courtesy of Ingersoll Rand) Typical Compressor Installation

AutoDual Installation on Compressor Without Head Unloaders
   DeVilbiss 5HP Modification with
Air Operated Atmospheric 
Discharge Unloader Valve 
Enlarged View of Discharge Unloader Valve 
 AutoDual Wall Mount Interface, 
Controlling Discharge Unloader Valve 


AutoDual (ADS) Option with 230 or 460V Starter
AutoDual Starter Option
NEMA 1 Box w/ Starter Contactor, 
Thermal Overload Protection, And
Manual Starter Reset Button
(Courtesy of Quincy Compressor, Inc)
AutoDual with NEMA 4 Enclosure 

Ingersoll Type 30 

(Photo Courtesy of Turbo Compressor) 


    AutoDual Installation on a Quincy 5120 Compressor 
Options Installed: 
Emergency Shutdown, L.O.P. Shutdown Switch, 
Automatic Drain Switch with user selectable 5, 10, 20 second Tank Discharge Duration


AutoDual Starter Combination (ADS) 
on a Curtis 98 Masterline


AutoDual Starter Combination on Two Curtis Compressors
               Options Installed:  Automatic Lead/Lag Control


Universal Autodual Model ADSE on a New Champion Duplex at Barkers Point Military Installation in Honolulu, Hawaii

Operates the compressors on Automatic Lead/Lag Control set to switch the lead machine every 24 hours. Autodual control on each compressor limits over-idling and excess start-stops for high efficiency operation. Options include Low Oil Level Emergency Shutdown on each machine and high efficiency panel- mounted Auto Drain.

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