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"saving the planet, one compressor at a time"

Running a 25HP air compressor in your production facility can cost over $19,000.00 PER YEAR in energy costs. That's more than the cost of the compressor itself! Don't believe it?  WE CAN PROVE IT, and save your facility over $5,000.00 each year, every year, in energy costs, FOREVER.

Using our patented soft start and efficient AutoDual functionality, A Universal AutoDual Air Compressor Management System pays for itself in less than  3 months. In 2 years, it will pay for your ENTIRE AIR COMPRESSOR investment in energy savings alone.

NEW -- All Model AD, ADS, and ADSE Autoduals are now provided with microprocessor controlled PRESSURE TRANSDUCERS. You can control reciprocating or rotary compressors (single or multiple) perfectly with an accuracy of 2/10 PSi.

"You can't run an air compressor more efficiently than with the Universal AutoDual."

Supplying compressed air in your facility is seen as a necessity for the operation of your business. It is perceived as a utility, like electricity and telephones, a cost of doing business. A utility that cannot be financially controlled or improved upon. This couldn't be farther from the truth.

Air compressors are designed to run at full RPM constantly, pumping air or idling (doing nothing), non-stop, all day long, waiting for air demand (Mfr's call it constant speed control) Motor manufacturers recommend no more than 6 stops and starts per hour on large motors, and OEM compressor controls cannot limit the amount of starts and stops per hour. OUR CONTROLLER CAN.

Idling a 25HP or larger motor consumes an incredible amount of electricity. Additionally, idling compressors require more maintenance, pump more oil into your facilities air lines, and shorten compressors motor, head and ring life.

Did you ever think about how much it actually costs to idle a 25HP or larger motor for several hours a day? We did, and came up with a Patented, UL approved product that will save your facility THOUSANDS of dollars in energy, maintenance, and compressor repair costs every year, forever, and still adhere to the motor mfr's start/stop recommendations, You will cut down on maintenance, oil blowby, filters, service, and substantially increase compressor life.

Our best customer thus far saves ONE HUNDRED AND FIFTEEN THOUSAND DOLLARS ANNUALLY, just in energy savings!! You can go to our case studies page, and review our savings claims in actual installations.

Genuine, honest savings --The Universal AutoDual.


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